About Your PTA

Corstorphine Primary School PTA
The aims of the Association are to work in partnership with the school to create a welcoming school which is inclusive for all parents and carers.

It is an excellent way to bring staff & parents together in support of a common goal. Everyone can get involved, even if you only have a small amount of time to give.

The PTA has been an integral part of Corstorphine Primary for many years and has raised tens of thousands of pounds. These funds have helped to improve equipment & resources to enhance the children’s education and the school facilities in general. We aim to promote co-operation between parents, teachers and pupils in matters relating to the well-being of the school and to develop and engage in fund-raising activities which support the education and welfare of all pupils. 

The role of the PTA is becoming strategically more important in the current financial climate and indeed the whole ethos for the school in enhancing its reputation, particularly in including the community at events.  We encourage the development of social activities which may benefit the wider community.