The PTA - Who's Who

See Join us! for details on how you can become a Committee member.

Hon President - Pamela Briggs 

Pamela took up the role of Headteacher of Corstorphine Primary School in January 2018.  We'll post a bio and a picture soon.

Chairperson - Susan Burr

Susan joined the PTA in 2018 as an ordinary member and took over as Chair in August 2019. She has two children at the Primary.

Treasurer - Emma Thake

Emma joined in March 2017 and took on the role of Treasurer very soon after  

Deputy Treasurer -  Marc Brotherton

Ordinary Members

Gillian Hendrie
Glenda Wintour 
Sinead McManus
Maxine Grant
Jane Pitbladdo
Tamir Soliman
Lucy Bateman

The PTA is always looking for Ordinary members to join the committee. Ordinary members don't have any specific responsibilities but they are a vital part of the association who contribute ideas, provide parental feedback and help spread the load at  PTA events. 

Most importantly, ordinary members extend the PTA social network throughout the school and that 's the key to the success of any PTA.  Please consider joining the PTA as an ordinary member.
ADD willing helpers person...
They are
 responsible for

maintaining the list of Willing Helpers (we current have over 130 registered) and organising the rotas for PTA events.  He also helps run events like the Car Boot Sale, Children's party's and the Christmas Fair.

 Deputy President - Jackie Bracewell

Website Manager - Janine Bryce

Janine joined the PTA in 2019 and has 2 children at the school.

Secretary & Events Booking Co-ordinator
- Fiona Forrester 

Fiona joined the PTA in 2019 and has a daughter in at nursery and a son in P1.

Purchasing Team - Marion Green & TBC

Marion joined the PTA in 2019 and has 1 child at the school.  We'll post a bio and a picture soon.

Social Media & School Liaison - Vacant

We use Facebook and Twitter to help us stay in touch with parents and help spread news and updates. We also need to have a point of contact with the school that can pop in from time to time. If you think you could help here we would be grateful.

Bags 2 School - TBC

Advertising and Marketing  - David Reid

Uniform Co-op - Maxine, Marion, Gillian (TBC)

Elinor has returned to the PTA after a couple of years break. A former PTA treasurer, she now looks after our Uniform Co-op  

Newsletter Editor - Jennifer Scott 
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Health and Safety Officer - TBC