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50/50 Lottery

posted 30 Sept 2012, 02:03 by PTA Admin   [ updated 16 Jan 2013, 09:31 ]
Would you like to contribute to the iPad Fundraising Campaign and have a chance of winning cash at the same time?

The 50/50 Lottery asks for a contribution of £10 for one number or £20 for three numbers.  50% of the money raised goes straight to the school, the other 50% goes into a prize pot, which you can have a chance of winning!  We hold 6 draws a year for cash prizes, with first, second and third prizewinners drawn each time.  You could win back your donation, or an even larger sum.  But we need as many people as possible to contribute to make this work.  The more people who take part, the more money we raise... and the prize pot gets bigger too.

iPads for kids, help us raise quids!
PTA Admin,
30 Sept 2012, 02:12