Documents & Ticket Order Forms

We are moving to on-line ticketing to make it easier for parents to buy tickets to our events.  Event announcements will be made through ParentPay emails, website announcements or even on Facebook.

We can't share the school's ParentPay payment mechanism so we will provide a link to follow to make an on-line booking/payment using an accredited service provider (currently .  

Booking using our on-line ticketing service is easy and secure. It's probably easier than finding your cheque book and filling in our paper forms and it is undoubtedly more secure than sending money in school bags.

The on-line service really helps to reduce the administrative burden too (we are all busy parents!)

Below are the current forms and order slips for forthcoming PTA events.  Please feel free to download and print out any.  Completed slips should be returned to the School Office by the date stated on the appropriate form.
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